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Hainan Airlines

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Best airline to fly - Hainan Airlines

Now its time to experience the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner on Hainan Airlines flights between Beijing and Chicago, Boston and Toronto. Hainan Airlines, one of the five star rated and awarded as the best airlines by the international organization SKYTRAX, which is the is the first Chinese airline to launch the Boeing 787 Dreamliner between North America and China. Hainan Airlines is a travel partner to passengers traveling in India and abroad. It connects flyers to foreign destinations like Berlin, Haikou, and Shenzhen. The new route has been introduced to meet strong demand for business travel, as well as growing demand for leisure trips, between and beyond the cities. It also complements the carrier’s existing North American service to Beijing from Toronto and Seattle/Tacoma.


Passengers are allowed to carry one cabin piece with weight not exceeding 10kg. Business Class passengers can carry 2 pieces of the same weight. For checked baggage, Business Class passengers can carry two pieces with 32kg each and the volume not exceeding 20*40*55 cm. Economy Class passengers can carry two pieces with 23kg each and volume nor be exceeding 20*40*55 cm. It has different rules for carrying the baggage onboard. Each checked in baggage shall not exceed 50 kg and the dimension of 40*60*100 cm.

Travel Insurance

A family friendly plan, Travel Select provides travel protection coverage for children 17 and under at no additional cost when traveling with a covered adult family member. 
In addition to family friendly travel protection coverage, Travel Select offers the optional Adventure Sports upgrade for daring travelers who participate in activities like mountain climbing, parasailing or hot air ballooning.

For the traveling professional, the Travel Select plan provides covered reasons for reimbursement due to work related cancellation or interruption reasons.  Finally, for the traveler wanting protection against the unexpected, whatever it may be, the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade is available.

Travel Select offers customizable travel protection for any lifestyle.

  • Trip Cancellation reasons include Cancel for Business reasons

  • 21 day pre-existing condition exclusion waiver available

  • Emergency Medical and Evacuation

  • Primary Coverage with no deductibles

  • Kids 17 and under covered at no additional cost

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